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How should I proceed with an unethical dealer - Toyota of Melbourne

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Originally Posted by k9cop View Post
I went through the internet this time and had the price of the truck, payments and interest rates settled before I left the house. Being on the internet I guess made it easier to say Kiss my ass to sales idiots. I am still learning though and have a long way to go. They still get the best of me, I know this. They are in business to make money and they (dealerships), do it well. I just try not to walk out of there feeling like they didn't use any lube....
It does not always work well using the internet either.

That is the route I took when I bought this latest Toyota. I contacted several Internet Sales teams trying to find what I wanted. Part of my problem was there was a limited supply of what I wanted. A 4x4 Access Cab and I wanted pretty quick. (I knew from previous experience, you must be willing to walk away.)

But to try a long story short, after talking (emailing and calling the internet offices) to several dealerships, I decided on the only dealer who actually had one in stock. Most of the other dealers said they could get that truck for me, but their price was slightly higher or they just matched the price after some haggling. Where the original dealers Website pretty much stayed close to the original price, and it was the lowest. That dealership was also associated with the Credit Union we use. And the Credit Union says it is supposed to be a easy deal, just as you said. Work out all the details. The go pick up the truck.

It was already getting lat in the day, it was the end of the month. Which I heard is a good time to negotiate the best price on new vehicles. The Dealership was over an hour away also. And for us to get there and finish the deal we needed to be on the road while I worked out the final details.

So while on I-75 heading south, I pulled over and got confirmation (they supposedly even recored that phone conversation) on the FINAL OUT-THE-DOOR price of the truck the Dealership had for sale on the internet. Matching the VIN numbers and everything. They said everything would be ready when I pulled in.

Well, We pulled in and I did NOT see the truck that was advertised on the internet. I did see a Access Cab, with a BUNCH of overly expensive extras installed on it.

We walked in and told the salesman that we had made an internet deal and we were here to talk to who we were talking to and finish the deal. He told me the internet people do not really make the sales. And he would finish the deal.

He pointed to the truck with all the extras on it and said there it is. I said I had a Guaranteed price for it. He told me that the internet sales force did not really know what
was on the dealer floor.

I was flabbergasted and Super upset. I had just driven over an hour with a guaranteed price and now it was all changed.

Well the "Sales manager" said it would be an extra $5 grand for that very same truck, with the very same VIN number. Some of the extras, the 20 inch wheels and tires, Plastic Running boards, some sort of paint treatment (what a joke)!

He told me buy it at his new price (over $5,000 more) or forget it, and wait three months for another Access cab. It did not seem to matter to him one bit what the dealership had agreed on on our trip down there.

So I told him, take every off the truck and re-install the original equipment and I would take it at the agreed price. They start blubbering they can't do that. Why not! Do it, I say.

He says take it for a ride and see if I like it and they will see if they can do better. Yeah right, I know how sales people work already. But we said okay, and took a salesman with us. While driving around I tell my wife the heck with this we will just go buy a 4 door from a good dealership and turn this dealership into the State Attorneys office for "Bait and Switch" tactics. It sure could not be more "bait and Switch" then what happened to us.

After we returned to the dealership the salesman asked us to wait a few minutes and went directly to the sales manager. Then after a few minutes he came back with a lot lower price but still way above a reasonable price for the extras. (During these discussions, they said the sticker extra for the paint sealant (or whatever it was called) was not really anything and not worth charging for. Wow. The sticker price for that treatment was a lot of money, and they said it was worth nothing.)

Well this kept going on for a while, the price kept coming down lower. While I kept telling my wife we would go get a different one and expose their "Bait and Switch" tactics.

Finally they got down to a what seemed a somewhat reasonable price for all the extras. And I agreed. Then they wanted to sell me a bunch of extras. My response, was nope, nope, nope, nope!

I am sure they did make some extra money off me. And I really regret that, but oh well must move on. And I think did get a decent deal on the final truck, but I had to fight, and fight and fight with them to get it.

The funny thing is I kind of like the wheels now (the tires are another matter, lol) and I probably would not have purchased the tires myself, after I bought the truck. But I like the way they make my truck look different than most others now. lol

I also related this same story to the survey that Toyota sent out and they contacted me but said there was not a lot they could do. Except put a mark against the dealer and if they got too many, they might do something.

Whew! Sorry about the long rant after all. I did not realize how much resentment that I was still harboring against my horrible treatment from that dealership.

Everything I said is, In My Humble Opinion!

So even internet sales can go wrong!

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Originally Posted by EdwardHBLW View Post
Not sure how to proceed with this, and was hoping you guys can chime in... I already have a case open with Toyota N.A., and will be calling the State Attorney's office and BBB on monday.

Long version:
So when we bought the truck, the F&I guy offered to lower the interest rate by 1% if we purchased the Perma Plate plan for $900 (which I later found out is illegal). He showed us that it would be a wash and basically would cost us nothing in the short or long run but would offer him a higher commission. My father helped with getting the loan and agreed to the Perma Plate.

After looking up what PermaPlate actually was, I called PermaPlate to cancel, and they told me that it is cancelable but through the dealership. I then called Toyota of Melbourne and spoke to Josh Fields in F&I and he told me that it's not cancelable. Not taking his word for the gospel, I called around to various dealerships that also offered the product, and they were helpful enough to tell me that I was being lied to by Toyota of Melbourne, and that what they did was illegal. From what they told me, they're not allowed to trade points for product. After hearing this, I was livid and talked to Toyota N.A. who then opened a case # for me. I called the dealership back, let them know a case is opened, and he changed his tune and told me to have my dad come in to sign the cancelation paperwork. Today, my dad goes in and he tells my dad that they are unable to cancel. At the least, Mr. Fields telling me one story and telling my father a different one is unethical, at the worst, from what I've been told from other dealers, trading interest rate for product is illegal.

I plan on talking to the Attorney General in Florida, the Better Business Bureau, as well as the local news stations about this. What would you guys do if you were in my shoes?

Cliffs version:

Dealer sold us on PermaPlate in exchange for lowering our rate, after looking up PermaPlate and reading the negative reviews on it, I call to cancel. Dealership says unable to cancel, even though PermaPlate says it is. After talking to Toyota N.A., dealership agrees to cancel if father (name on loan) comes in to sign, father goes in and dealer renegs.

did you buy a truck or your dad?
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