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ERdept 01-12-2009 09:54 PM

Steak au poivre recipe
I tried this recipe for peppered steak and it came out great.

Pan frying sears both sides, but the oven finishes it off. About 1-3 min on a hot pan then 3.5-5 min on each side in the oven.

Of course all depending on how rare or done you like your steak.


I tried pan frying the whole way, w/o the oven, but as the center was getting to the way I wanted it, the outside would get more burned.

The fry pan to oven technique let the heat permeate into the meat slowly but the outside is done exactly how you want it.

Top with the peppercorn sauce, or just as is your your favorite steak sauce. I sauteed some shrooms to put into the sauce. They're like flavor sponges.

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