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hetkind 05-06-2013 06:19 AM

smoked a grinder, looking to replace
Actually, I killed two angle head grinders yesterday...

I was cleaning up the top of a cheap, cast iron anvil and my 25 year old Sears Industrial angle head let out the magic smoke, (4.5", but NOT 5/8-11 spindle), and my even cheaper Chinese made 7" grinder refused to even turn.

Dewalt seems to make some very nice heavy duty 7" grinders in the $175 price range and here are my specs...

7", continuous duty, 5/8-11 spindle and I don't really need the spindle lock or guard that is adjustable without tools.

I also have a good Dewalt 4.5" grinder that got rebuilt by the local, authorized repair center, and that was about five years ago. It will take a cup wheel, but that is how I burned it out last time.

What do you guys like in grinders and why.


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