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Progressive insurance w/modified vehicles.

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Progressive insurance w/modified vehicles.

For the last 5 years I have had Progressive insurance. I have never had any troubles with them, but nor have I had any accidents. It is cheap at $370 for 6 months for my 3 vehicles for liability only.

The problem I have is when I added the Tacoma, a couple months ago, I was signing the agreement and noticed a fine print wording that by signing you stated that you did not have a modified suspension. So I was thinking about that this past Monday and gave them a call to ask. I got a lady that did not understand the question she kept saying my parts would not be covered in an accident. I kept telling her I only had liability and did not care about covering parts now. After a back and forth for a while she transferred me to a claims person. I asked him the same question he told be I would be covered in a road accident but not off the highway while wheeling. I thought great, but I better get that in writing so I have something to lean on, just in case. I sent them an e-mail asking the same question but I got this back.
Dear Mr. Schultz,

I appreciate this opportunity to assist you.
The following are acceptable altered suspensions:
- Kit cars/dune buggies registered for street use
- Lift kits 4 inches or less
- Low riders with hydraulics or airbag suspensions

If your suspension is not one of the ones listed above, it would not be acceptable.
I hope this information is helpful.
Dang not what I wanted so I sent him this back
What is your definition of a "lift kit" and when you say 4 inches is that the actually a 4" taller spring or 4" taller frame because you could have a 2" lift and 2" taller tire and that would raise the frame 4". My pickup I am cutting the entire front frame and factory suspension out and making a new one from scratch which will be stronger than factory so if i keep it net "lift" under 4 it will be good? I do not want to have to find a ne insurance company because of fine print. I spend near $1000 with you guys every year.
Thank You,
And got this back later that day
Mr. Schultz,
A Lift Kit would be something that you could purchase from an Auto Parts Store or Website. Here is an example:
Was this purchased for your Jeep?
From what you have written, you have completely changed the Factory Suspension on the Toyota, to one you have made yourself. Has the work been completed? Please clarify?
Still open ended so I sent this back
The Toyota is in the works now, no "Kit" about that one . The Cherokee has about a 6" lift that started out as a "kit" which has been modified with heavier axles and steering which was not from a kit, unless you call a welder and a pile of steel a "Kit" So it looks like I will be searching for a new Insurance company, I hate to do it, I have had a very good experience with you guys but there are other companies that don't have "modified suspension" rules.
still waiting on a reply but I don't think it will work out so I am going to have to find another company to give money to.
Double check the fine print of your insurance. Imagine being in an accident and finding out you are not covered and end up being sued for all your worth by the other parties involved, it would suck.
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