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funny story, well now it is anyway

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funny story, well now it is anyway

funny story (well now its funny anyway).
my buddy had a 92" ford f150 4x4 with a six banger 5 speed. he was cutting down a LARGE oak in his backyard. he already took all the limbs off and had topped it pretty good. it still stood a good 40-50' though. he attatch the rope high in the tree, notched i the propper place and hooked it to his truck. we both agreed on the plan as to how things were going to work. as he was cutting i was to watch both him and the tree to know when to start pulling. if it were an auto things might of been a little easier. he cuts the wedge and the tree is ready to fall.
ok lets slow down just a bit. he didnt have off road tires, we were on grass, on a hill, very heavy tree and a small truck comared to tree. the house was only 20' away. power lines were about 10' from direction of projected fall. and we are two unexperienced tree fellers.
GO!GO!GO! I put her in granny, start tp pull. i feel the rope tighten, and stretch. up the hill i go. looking out the back window i see the tree start to give. easy on the gass. the tree wasnt just ready to go, it bent but didnt break yet. another quick cut with the chain saw will get it. again GO!GO!GO!. oh yea this is it. i start up the hill again. CRACK! CRACK! (you know the sound of a big tree). he yells PULL. i get on the gas at the right feel for things.
OH SHI%. the tires start to spin, tree pulls me back, i cant even start to take off again cause the tires were all grass filled. as soon as the tree pulls me back it then decides to cut loose. so now no truck to tell the tree "hey tree, you need to fall over here" no it wanted to fall over there. i turn the truck off and run for my life cause now there is a tree that is pi%%ed off and going to do some damage, and being tied to the truck its going to take it with it.
the tree falls. it takes out a 3 month old shed, then takes the house power cable and phone directly from the power polls, takes out the gutter on the back of the house, and just before it hits the ground (and this is one of the neatest things ive seen) it grabs the rest of the electric lines and fricken rips them out of his breaker box. when it took the lines out of his house all of the breakers just fall to the bottom of the box.
fortunatly insurance covers stupid. good times.
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