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05RedTaco 12-17-2012 07:52 AM

My F150 project.
I picked up a 1994 F150 couple weeks ago. Paid $240 for it and just could not pass it up... It is regular cab XL with long bed, 4.9L I6 and Mazda 5 speed 2wd. It is a solid truck and runs great! This is my build thread as i get it fixed up and road worth it. No mods, just get it back to good shape!

Purchase date; 11/29/2012

Purchase Mileage; 189417

Maintenance done within the last year of purchase;

- new alternator
- rebuilt radiator
- new upper and lower radiator hose
- new oil pan gasket
- new lifter galley inspection gasket
- new rear main seal
- new brake pads
- new driver side brake caliper
- new brake line between front calipers
- used leaf springs from junk yard
- changed transmission fluid
- new water pump

Maintenance to be done after purchase;

- replace non working radio INSTALLED - $12
- change oil & filter 10w30 Penzoil was used switch to 10w30 Castrol Syntec and OEM Ford oil filter - $35
- change rear differential fluid
- replace front coil springs (Moog CC824 F250 springs) INSTALLED - $64.77
- change spark plugs (BSF-44C) - $7
- replace door handle on drivers side INSTALLED - $5.99
- replace broken license plate lights $6-9
- replace burnt out light bulb in 3rd brake light GE921 - INSTALLED - $4.90
- put in thermostat - $7.43 + cost of coolant do at the same time as heater core
- repair parking brake cable - INSTALLED - $15
- replace two broken vents - INSTALLED - $5
- replace leaking slave clutch cylinder $50 + cost of transmission fluid
- replace clock spring - $68.17
- swap in a gauge cluster with tachometer INSTALLED - $20
- replace windshield wiper motor - $45
- replace heater core - $28.81
- get codes read check engine light comes and goes
- replace broken driver side window trim INSTALLED - $2.50
- swap in sun visors from XLT truck INSTALLED - $2.50
- replace worn bushing on passenger side torsion arm
- tires

Now for some pictures;

Broken front springs;


Interior shots, the bench seat is in perfect shape!



Engine shot;


Replacing broken front springs, drivers side;



Moog CC824 coil springs;


Driver's side done;



Truck tilted with driver's side new coil installed and passenger side with broken coil;



Passenger side broken coil;


New coil installed;


All done!


Next on the list is to change oil, oil filter, rear diff fluid, TTB bushing which is completely gone, then slave clutch cylinder. Thankfully parts are cheap and its my 2nd vehicle so I can work on it in my spare time and not rush anything...

cmack 12-17-2012 07:54 AM


2004TacomaSR5 12-17-2012 10:56 PM

I loved this body style of F series trucks, haven't really cared for any of the ones made since as far as looks go. Looks like a good truck, I am not really familiar with the 4.9, but if its anything like the old 300 six, you wont be able to kill it.

Mudfly 01-02-2013 11:01 AM

The only thing that kills Ford F150's is rust and it killed two of mine. I just got rid of my 2001 F150 3 weeks ago. I was hoping it would last until spring instead of driving the new Tacoma in the salt this winter. But it was a case of a $500 truck needing $1200 of engine work and a body that was beginning to look like swiss cheese.

The 1980 that preceded the 2001 lasted 20 years and over 300K miles, the 2001 barely made it 11 years and 209K miles

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