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MxRacer190 05-15-2013 04:55 PM

Electrical help, motorcycle
2009 Buell XB12SCG

So, I was messing around with my headlight and signal wires the other day, and I guess my signal wires touched and blew a fuse, specifically the "ACC" 10 amp fuse. I had no running light or turn signals. So, I tape the wires back up and replace the fuse. The signals worked, but my running lights still do not work. . .

THEN, on my ride back home from the auto parts store, the fuse blew AGAIN. And now I don't have turn signals again. Anyone know what could be the problem? Maybe it could be some wires touching, but I only fiddled with two of the signal wires. I've been riding this bike for a little over 4000 miles, and this is the first time it has happened.

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