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floger70 02-14-2010 08:02 AM

wiring/sensor/plug problems on 1990 corolla
1990 toyota corolla 1.6 4A-FE

just did the head gasket and complete top end rebuild kit on my moms 90 corolla. 4afe. my buddy and i took it all apart. he did most of the wiring and yes i know i should get him to come back and help put the plugs where they should go but hes swamped with work. anyway. ive got the motor all back together. timing is dead on. its getting fuel. its getting spark but there are 4 plugs that are not pluged in and i cant find where they go. im getting the constat flashing engine light and the engine wont start.

ive read that the constant flashing engine light means that there is something wrong and it can be harmfull to the converter. no problem because the thing wont start anyway.

there are two plugs down by the alternator. one is big and black. has two wires going to it with pretty thick gauge wire. i belive the colors are blue with a red stripe and a white wire. this plug is comming off the harness from the pass side headlight. looks like it would connect to a cam position sensor or something but i cannot find where to plug this in.

the next plug is located on the same harnes that comes over the valve cover and is kind of sitting ontop of the alternator. its only one wire black with white strip i belive. when power is put to that wire the sensor on the far end of the intake makes a clicking noise. cant find the plugin for this one either.

the next plug is on the pass side shock tower. it has two wires. black plug. one conector is sideways and the other is flat. the colors are tellow with green stripe and black with white stripe.

the last one is on the pass side shock tower again. its a more round plug. it has a blue with red stripe and an orangey pink wire.

if anyone can let me know where these need to go this would be greatly appreciated.


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