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Swwacoma 03-25-2010 07:56 PM

Free Oil Change
Searched but didn't find anything on this:

I got a coupon in the mail from a local Toyota dealer offering a free oil change and car wash just to "say thank you" for being a Toyota customer.

Anyone else get these? I tried calling about it to make sure it actually applied to the Taco being we aren't bogged down in the recall fiasco, but no one wanted to offer any information to me in the service dept (they were slammed, so I don't fault their lack of info).

I don't want to drive down there early in the AM just to find out "whoops, that was only supposed to go to Camrys"

SlurpeeBlueMetallic 03-25-2010 08:02 PM

Haven't gotten one yet but I'll be watching the mail for it now :D

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