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Aeroforce Interceptor group buy!

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Aeroforce Interceptor group buy!

We are happy to announce a group buy for these powerful gauges unlike any other on the market. The group buy details are located here:


Unlike competing products, our gauges are specifically programmed for vehicle/manufacturer, not only displaying "generic" OBD2 parameters but enhanced parameters such as transmission temperatures, engine knock parameters, injector pulse width, and in some cases ABS and stability control parameters. Although not yet available for Toyota, we also support many bi-directional controls such as manual radiator fan control, ESP system on/off, transmission and PCM reset, tire size programming, idle speed, and axle ratio programming. If and when these become available we can reflash previously purchased gauges for a nominal fee of $20.

Our gauges have 2 analog inputs, allowing you to add external sensors to the vehicle and read them on the gauge. Some of our more popular sensor kits are 2 and 3 bar boost sensors for super/turbo charged applications, wideband A/F sensor kits, oil pressure, fuel pressure, and temperature sensor kits. You'll find these additional sensors much less expensive and easier to install than buying a separate traditional gauge to monitor these things.

Some other features of the Interceptor:

Read and clear DTC's

Calculate mpg and hp

Record feature

Programmable warning lights

Performance timer (0-60, 1/8, and 1/4 mile) (CNi gauge only). Our upate rate of 20+ samples per second allows us to accurately measure these times.

Optional relay output module (allows you to control a relay based on OBD2 or analog input values)

Graphic display

Data update rates programmable from twice to 20x second.

Cyclic scan - allows you to program up to 8 parameters to automatically scroll on the screen. Each parameter stays on for a user determined amount of time.

Numerous gauge hardware configurations allowing you to customize its appearance to your liking.

Simple plug and play installation - just plug into the OBD2 port (older ISO vehicles using the ISOi gauge require connection to switched 12v for proper automatic turn on/off). All gauges can be powered from the OBD2 port or switched 12v. To see which one your vehicle requires see application guide here:

Gauge has numerous power up screen logos including Toyota specific.

A list of parameters available to be read on the gauge include:

1. Intake Air Temp
2. Ambient Temperture

3. COOLANT TEMP- Engine Coolant Temperature
4. TRANS TEMP 1- Transmission Temperature (gas powered automatics with 2.4L or larger motor)
5. TRANS TEMP 2 – Secondary Transmission Temperature (trucks)
6. TRANS TEMP 3 - Transmission Temperature (gas powered automatics with 1.8L or smaller motor)
7. RPM- engine Revolutions Per Minute
8. MAF SENSOR LB/M- Mass Air Flow (lbs/min)
13. BOOST/VACUUM – inHg vacuum/ psi boost
14. THROTTLE POS PCT- Throttle Position percentage (0-100%)
15. MILES PER HOUR- Miles Per Hour
16. KNOCK FEEDBACK- Knock Retard (degrees)
18. IGNITION ADVANCE- ignition timing advance
19. SHORT TRIM B1-short term fuel trim bank#1
20. SHORT TRIM B2-short term fuel trim bank#2
21. LONG TRIM B1-long term fuel trim bank#1
22. LONG TRIM B2-long term fuel trim bank#2
23. COMMANDED EQ RATIO – Commanded Equivalency ratio
24. A/F RATIO – Wideband O2 sensor displayed as Air/Fuel ratio
25. BATTERY VOLTAGE- Alternator/battery output voltage
26. ENGINE LOAD-calculated Engine Load (0-100%)
27. Miles Per Gallon – instantaneous fuel economy
28. Calculated net horsepower
29. YAW
31. Forward G’s
32. Reverse G’s.
33. Analog 1 – analog input #1
34. Analog 2 – analog input #2

Keep in mind that not all cars will support all of these parameters. The yaw, and g-forces are not readily supported by many vehicles we've tested. Also, the older ISO vehicles will not support ambient temp, misfires, commanded A/F, or battery voltage on most.

You can see a picture of one mounted in a Tacoma in this thread:


The optional RTD style face can be ordered for an additional $10 as can a brushed aluminum bezel.

Visit www.aeroforcetech.com for further details and pictures of these gauges.

Thanks for reading!

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