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Afraz 01-14-2012 12:41 AM

Tacoma Projector HID Chrome and Black
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Hey Guys,

I can get black housing, or chrome housing projector headlights with ballasts, wiring, bulbs everything. The entire kit goes for 700 + taxes here, but if we do a group buy i am guessing we can get em for about 550 CDN bucks the entire kit.

And if you just want the headlights and their housings, that's fine too. But i'll have to find out how much these will cost, certainly less then the entire kit.

Please let me know if interested.

I would like to have these picked up but i am aware most folks here are in teh U.S so shipping will vary depending on where you are.

Let me know,


Rich91710 08-31-2012 03:45 PM


Originally Posted by bw504 (Post 5620035)
hey man, new to the forum, not quite sure how to reply, but i'm interested. '03 dbl cab looking for black housing, projector. prob not the bulbs, might try to find them cheaper elsewhere. pls let me know when you get a sec and fill me in on the details. thx

This never happened.

Thread is from last January and OP hasn't posted since May.

TheRetrofitSource.com is your best source for projectors for retrofits.
User Asianants can do the retrofit for you for about $700 using the FX-R projectors, cheaper for the DS2 units.

TRS runs group buys for the retrofit units every now and then. We just wrapped one up 2 days ago.

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