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Mr Marv 04-21-2009 06:56 PM

*2nd Chance* Hybrid Audio Technologies Components/Baffles Group Buy *4/21/09-5/21/09*
OK guys and gals, I had planned to do a "Tax Time" group buy last month but things got so crazy around here that I wasn't able to do it. Lately many people have been reminding me I promised to do it again so I figured I'll make time to do so! :) We had a great response on the last go around and all of the guys I have spoken to that received/installed the speakers are very pleased with the results (you guys can feel free to post your impressions here! :)). Also, I may have failed to mention previously that once you receive these I am available for some tuning tips by phone only to help you get the best performance possible! :)

I am going to just copy/paste the previous thread below since everything will basically be the same. Also, for you more advanced guys I will also post the prices for the entire Legatia line as they will be included in the discount as well (the deal on the baffle/adapters is for Tacoma owners only or other Toyota model owners that happen to use the same baffle/adapter).

Thanks to all that got in last time and thanks to those that will get in this time! :)

Mr Marv 04-21-2009 06:58 PM

Hello guys and gals! In case you haven't seen it I recently started a 2005+ TACOMA SQ INSTALL TUTORIAL HERE where I used a line of speakers from HYBRID AUDIO TECHNOLOGIES. This company was founded and is owned by Scott Buwalda who is a multi championship winning SQ competitor/speaker designer that has been featured in many magazines over the years. Originally he started building "competition level" speakers that were intended to be run in an active system for the more advanced user and they have been winning championships in the states/abroad since they were released (you can check out some of their accomplishments on the website above). Due to demand for a more "user friendly" set the company introduced the CLARUS LINE.
This line uses a custom designed passive crossover network and was designed to perform VERY WELL in the factory door locations making it easy for even a novice to achieve top notch Sound Quality. :) After reading the reviews stating these speakers performed better than speakers costing many times more I bought a set and was absolutely blown away as IMO they performed WAY better than I would have ever imagined for a set in this price range just as the reviewers stated. :D Those that have seen me around the forums over the years know I do not take recommending audio gear lightly and I don't get excited by gear that performs as should be expected for the price. On the other hand I DO get excited by gear I believe performs FAR BETTER than the price would lead you to believe and this is definitely one of those cases. :) For this reason I started recommending these to members looking for TOP NOTCH SQ at what I consider a very reasonable price and quite a few have already purchased them. Well the company noticed all the guys I sent and offered to allow me to host a group buy on the forum so I jumped at the opportunity to offer you guys a GREAT set of components for an even better price! :)

Here is how it will work:
  • The Clarus 6 1/2"" set retails for $519.00 and the 5 1/4" set retails for $499.00 (Scott will allow me to combine sizes for the group buy and I recommend the 6 1/2" for 2005+ and the 5 1/4" for 2004 down)
  • We will need a minimum of 10 prepaid buyers for which we will receive a 20% discount so the cost for the 6.5" set will be $415.00 and the 5 1/4" set will be $400.00
  • My normal charge for the 2005+ mid and tweeter baffle/adapter set or the 2 piece mid adapter required for the 2004 down is $45.00. For this promotion I will include whichever set needed at 1/2 price of $22.50 (don't worry about me, Hybrid Audio is making up the difference! :))
  • Most of the guys I deal with prefer to have "rear fill" and I recommend using just a midrange in those cases. Hybrid Audio does not normally sell the midrange separately however for this promotion they will in fact allow us to purchase just the 5 1/4" midrange for the rear if needed.
  • The cost for a pair of 5 1/4" CLARUS mids would normally be $280.00 and the baffle/adapter pair would add $25.00 when purchased as a complete set with the fronts. If you want to add the rear you will receive a 20% discount on the speakers ($224.00) and the rear baffle adapters for 1/2 price ($12.50)
  • The rear mids alone can only be purchased along with the front set and will NOT count towards the 10 minimum (if you purchase another complete set for the rear they WILL count towards the 10 minimum)
  • This group buy will run from December 15th 2008 until January 15th 2009 so if you can't talk anyone into getting them for you for Christmas you'll have plenty of time to get them for yourself! :D
  • Once we get 10 minimum prepaid buyers those 10 sets will be sent to me and I will repackage them along with the correct baffle adapters.
  • At that time the package will be weighed and you will be sent a shipping invoice (I ship worldwide and if you'd like a shipping estimate please send me your zip code or Country with Postal code if applicable).
  • To top it off all those that have already purchased these from my recommendation within the last 30 days will receive a rebate of the difference if we reach the minimum 10 buyers! :)

PayPal is the easiest form of payment (my account is marvsplace "at" webtv "dot" net and don't forget to format that properly!) however if you'd like to send a check/money order etc PM me and I will let you know where to send it. If you pay with PayPal please use "HYBRID AUDIO GROUP BUY" as the subject and include the following info in the notes section. If mailing payment please send a note with the same info as well as your return address and zip code.
  • Year and cab style of truck
  • Which size speaker for fronts and cost
  • rear speaker choice if desired and cost (5 1/4" mids only or which size if complete set)
  • total paid
  • Example:
    2006 Tacoma Double Cab
    Clarus 6.5" $437.50 ($415.00 + $22.50 baffle/adapters)
    Clarus 5 1/4" rear mid $236.50 ($224.00 + $12.50 baffle/adapter)
    Total paid = $674.00

Hopefully this all made sense and please let me know if it doesn't! :)

BTW, this offer CANNOT be combined with ANY other offer or promotion

ORDERS TO DATE (05/21/09)
  1. Tyler B payment received
  2. Ryan payment received
  3. James payment received
  4. Peter payment received

Thanks all! :)

Mr Marv 04-21-2009 07:00 PM

Here is the review from Car Audio and Electronics Magazine and if anyone here who has already purchased these would like to post their impressions please feel free to do so!


May 2008: Car Audio & Electronics Publishes a Glowing Review of the Clarus C51-2 Set; Evaluative Scoring Places Clarus™ Better than Sets Costing Five and Six Times as Much!

In the July 2008 issue of Car Audio & Electronics Magazine, there is a review of the Clarus C51-2 set (5 1/4" component speaker set). The results of the evaluation were glowing.

The highest sound quality score ever achieved, using the new Car Audio & Electronics scoring criteria, went to the Clarus component system. For example, near perfect listening test scores were achieved (9.5 out of 10 on the song "Spanish Harlem" as performed by Rebecca Pidgeon). According to the reviewer, even despite being 5 ¼” midbass, they compared well to competitor’s 6 ½” and 7” component sets! Using a formularized Excel spreadsheet, which subjectively compared the old Car Audio & Electronics scoring criteria to the one adopted relatively recently, it was quickly determined by Hybrid Audio Technologies staff that this was one of the best component sets, if not THE BEST component set reviewed by the magazine in the past several years (as far back as we were able to take our research).

Reader Note: Clarus C51-2 is a $469.99 set of 5 ¼” speakers which was compared to, and found to exceed the performance of 6 ½” and 7” component sets costing literally up to six times as much ($2,000+).

Notable quotes from the reviewer:

"What I found was one of, if not, the best owner's manuals I've ever encountered in my many years in this industry! It is a comprehensive description of the speaker system and a lengthy and very informative tutorial on sound quality system setup in general..."

"To adjust tweeter output, you select between different push terminals (a nice way to do this)...which eliminates the common selector switch that can degrade over time and affect the quality of the connection."

"It was a large sound...other components sets I've auditioned employ a 6.5-inch low frequency driver, so the fact that these diminutive speakers can hold their own against a larger driver is a feat in itself."

"When (Rebecca) Pidgeon's solo vocal starts it's as though she's in the room with me! The image is strong, at eye level, and perfectly centered with a life-like tone. I can even detect the size of the room and there's a feeling of air around the vocalist."

"There's a realistic, sweet sound to the strings...that I've rarely heard from even the most expensive component sets that I've auditioned."

"When (B.B.) King starts singing, his voice is stable and perfectly centered. It has all the rich, soulful character he's famous for and when Lucille (King's guitar) plays, she sounds totally life-like and robust."

"If you and/or your installer completely read the owner's manual that's downloadable for these components, and institute the damping and driver placement recommendations therein, you'll be able to realize the same excellent imaging and staging details these components are capable of producing."

"I wish more speaker manufacturers would take it upon themselves to educate their customers as to proper installation and placement of their products as Hybrid Audio has done."

"After listening to these speakers for literally hours on end, I didn't experience any appreciable listening fatigue."

"From the extremely complete user's manual to the construction and sound of these diminutive drivers, they're a class act by any standard, and they're probably one of the best bargains out there for a retail price of $469.99. It's obvious that the folks at Hybrid Audio did their homework and a lot of research, testing, and listening to perfect this product."

"If you're in the market for a component set for your car audio system, you'll be doing yourself a great disservice if you don't audition these speakers for your application."

We invite you to support our last remaining dedicated car audio publication in the USA, and further, invite you to check out the review of our Clarus C51-2 set!

Blatant plug: After winning "State of the Art" from England's Talk Audio Magazine, to winning seventeen (17) national- and world-championships last year alone in organized competition, and now getting a review which says that this $469.99 component set is better than systems costing five and six times as much---if there was any remaining doubt---even those that relish in doubting---you have hereby been given notice: THERE IS NO DOUBTING ANYMORE.

Mr Marv 04-21-2009 07:12 PM

These are the prices BEFORE the 20% discount and please do your own calculating so I don't have to list each one separately! :D Also, please round UP that penny before calculating ie $500.00 instead of $499.99 so it will be easier for me to keep track of! Thanks! :)

Clarus 5 1/4" component system w/ passive crossovers

Clarus 6 1/2" component system w/ passive crossovers

Legatia 20mm soft-dome tweeter (pair)

Legatia 3.7" cone midrange (pair)

Legatia 4.65" cone midrange (pair)

Legatia 7.1" cone midrange/midbass (pair)

Legatia 8.5" cone midrange/midbass (pair)

Legatia L1/L3 2-way component set

Legatia L1/L4 2-way component set

Legatia L1/L6 2-way component set

Legatia L1/L3/L6 3-way component set

Legatia L1/L4/L6 3-way component set

Legatia L1/L3/L8 3-way component set

Legatia L1/L4/L8 3-way component set

L1 Pro
Legatia Pro L1 25mm soft-dome tweeter (pair)

L31-2 Pro
Legatia Pro L1/L3 2-way component set

L41-2 Pro
Legatia Pro L1/L4 2-way component set

L61-2 Pro
Legatia Pro L1/L6 2-way component set

L81-2 Pro
Legatia Pro L1/L8 2-way component set

L631-3 Pro
Legatia Pro L1/L3/L6 3-way component set

L641-3 Pro
Legatia Pro L1/L4/L6 3-way component set

L831-3 Pro
Legatia Pro L1/L3/L8 3-way component set

L841-3 Pro
Legatia Pro L1/L4/L8 3-way component set

Burgman 04-22-2009 08:50 PM

I went and checked out their website it sounds like they put out amazing products and the way the explain how to make speakers work best in the product manual was pretty amazing

Mr Marv 04-22-2009 10:24 PM


Originally Posted by Burgman (Post 553168)
I went and checked out their website it sounds like they put out amazing products and the way the explain how to make speakers work best in the product manual was pretty amazing

Agreed and more reasons I asked to become a dealer! :) BTW, I replied to your other thread in my forum.


Mr Marv 04-22-2009 10:36 PM

BTW, in case I didn't mention it above I wanted to let everyone know that if you would like to get in but are unable to pay the entire amount at once just contact me and I will work something out for you! :) Also, last time many guys ended up getting enclosures/subs/amps etc from me along with the speakers so I will be adding other incentives for those additional purchases as well! :)

johnecon2001 04-28-2009 10:13 PM

I got a deal awhile back for a set of L1Pros and L8's. Great speakers if you're truly serious about sound.

Mr Marv 05-04-2009 10:32 AM

OK we finally broke the ice (thanks Tyler! :)) but I've had over 40 emails/PM's since this started and still haven't heard from my "kiss and a promise" guys that said they would get in the last Friday's payday! ;)

In any case I'd really like to get this party going since I am also needing to focus on my 2009 West Coast Car Audio BBQ/Meet and IASCA Competition plans (check the audio forum soon for details! :)) so this is what I'm going to do....I will buy any remaining sets myself again so I can GUARANTEE :D the discount to ALL that get in! :)

Even though getting GREAT speakers at a GREAT price should be enough, :D to hopefully entice you guys a bit more all that get in prior to the end date will be entered into a drawing where ONE of you will receive the following www.raamaudio.com deadening products ABSOLUTELY FREE! :eek: (you gotta pay shipping of course! :))

(1) 30 ft Roll of RAAMmat (enough to do your entire front doors)

(2) yards of Ensolite Foam
(enough to do your front doors)

(1) can of spray adhesive for the Ensolite)

Please note there will be a drawing for the above and ONLY ONE will win the FREEBIES! :)

Thanks! :)

Jay-Hawks 05-12-2009 08:56 AM

I got a pair of these from Marv a couple months ago and replaced my JL Audio XR componets and I couldn't be happier. These things really sound great. I wondered if they were worth the extra cost over a new pair of JL's (which I do like a lot) and it quickly became obvious that they were. I'm driving my with a JL Audio 300/2 amp and I installed ram mat all throughout the doors. If you are on the fence I promise you that you won't be sorry if you get them.


Mr Marv 05-12-2009 02:26 PM

Thanks Jay Hawks!
Not sure where all my "kiss and a promise" guys are :confused: but hopefully they will get in soon! :)

JonnyBlacks 05-12-2009 06:30 PM


Originally Posted by Mr Marv (Post 598344)
Thanks Jay Hawks!
Not sure where all my "kiss and a promise" guys are :confused: but hopefully they will get in soon! :)

im workin on it man lol, give me till summer like in July and ill have it set!

Kyouto42 05-12-2009 09:28 PM

Just wondering if anyone in phoenix has a set installed I might be able to listen too. I cant see dropping almost $7 bills without at least hearing them lol

I've been looking at eD for awhile, but willing to see how these sound.

Mr Marv 05-12-2009 09:43 PM


Originally Posted by Kyouto42 (Post 599820)
Just wondering if anyone in phoenix has a set installed I might be able to listen too. I cant see dropping almost $7 bills without at least hearing them lol

I've been looking at eD for awhile, but willing to see how these sound.

If you are serious and willing to drive to Mesa I can hook you up with someone who has the complete set installed in a Tacoma Double cab. :)

Mr Marv 05-18-2009 12:54 PM

over 1100 views, 70+ emails/PMs and only 2 buyers?!? :confused: :confused:

Mr Marv 05-18-2009 12:55 PM


Originally Posted by Kyouto42 (Post 599820)
Just wondering if anyone in phoenix has a set installed I might be able to listen too. I cant see dropping almost $7 bills without at least hearing them lol

I've been looking at eD for awhile, but willing to see how these sound.

Never heard from you?! :confused:

Mr Marv 05-20-2009 10:18 PM

One day to go! :)

Mr Marv 05-21-2009 10:17 AM

OK guys it is picking up on the last day as usual and a couple of guys have already paid! :) I also have several asking if they can pay tomorrow (Friday) when they get paid so I will leave it open until at least then but I sure hope you guys don't leave me hanging like others have! :eek: :eek:

Mr Marv 05-21-2009 10:36 AM

Almost forgot, if we do by chance get the 10 minimum (or close to it at my discretion!) by tomorrow I will still have the drawing for the RAAMmat stuff above! :)

Mr Marv 05-23-2009 11:01 AM

I've been so busy I didn't realize it was a holiday weekend and my order won't ship to me until Tuesday so you guys have a little more time to get in! :)

BTW, I am pretty easy to get along with most of the time :p and have allowed several guys to do a "layaway plan" so they could get the discount but I am EXTREMELY busy so I would appreciate if you contact me only after you are absolutely positive you are ready/able to get in!

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