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SC4333 01-17-2009 03:02 PM

6x45mm (6mm-.223 Remington)
Does anyone have experience with this round and or have load data?

I purchased a 6mm barrel from an old gun smith in the area a while back a threw it on a S&W MP15 setup for shits and grins. I have shot a handful of different loads out of it so far and it SEEMS as if the rifle is not producing enough chamber pressure to fully eject the casings. Its a hit or miss as far as getting the damn things to eject. I am up to 28.5 grains of hodgdon H335, with a 70grain nosler bullet. The casing probably wont fit but about a grain more.

I know this setup is definitely possible and have seen it done many times before. I would appreciate any help or advice given. I have looked everywhere and cant find any reliable load data. Maybe a different powder is needed? Starting to loose some hair from the head scratching....

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