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Molon Labe 01-04-2013 08:33 PM

These are all of our rights, get involved before its too late
Guys, I do not make the rounds like I would like to here, but I feel the need to push for some real involvement.

This gun ban issue will kick all of us in the teeth if we do not get involved.

Forget for a moment that the Assault Weapon is the center of this new ban, it will affect every gun owner.
Hunters, one more DC sniper style shooting spree and they will want to ban long guns and scopes.
Pistols, they already want a ban on all mags over 10 rounds. Feinstein's bill includes any guns that have a military appearance, thats all sigs etc...
Target shooters, do you really think they wont come after you? After all, target shooting is simply training to kill in their eyes.

Based on what i have read on Feinstein's site, we will be lucky to keep black powder weapons.

Everyone needs to get involved, local and federal. ASAP.

The NRA is dragging its feet on this and with statements like "we are willing to have a thoughtful discussion" it does not sound like they are willing to fight this.

Look, I know I am preaching to the choir here but you need to get involved NOW. They have over 59% of the nation saying we should not have access to assault weapons already!
The President says he will use every power available to him to get this thing passed. Executive Order anyone?

Take the time to call, write, e-mail, walk-in on, and yell at whom ever you need to to get our voice heard.

The Second Amendment is not about hunting, target shooting, or collecting. Our Founding Fathers gave us this Amendment so that we the people have a means to resist tyranny.

She said it best

Just thought I would say it, because someone should.

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