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bharris24 03-28-2012 12:47 AM

Fog lights.
Anyone replaced stock fog lights or bulbs? I've seen some pics of PIAA 510's in stock location, and was wondering how hard it is to change. Or maybe just replace stock bulbs? What bulbs would you recommend?


holokai 03-28-2012 10:48 PM

you going for brighter or color?

if you just want a different color you can get nokyas off of ebay for $25ish shipped to the 808. size h11. super easy to change bulbs; just disconnect the harness, twist, and out they come. if you're going higher wattage you'll have to watch out for melting harnesses; not sure if tacomas have that issue but i replaced the harnesses on my old car when i was using higher wattage bulbs.

ShaydenandDiezel 03-28-2012 11:26 PM

I just put in some 12k H.I.D's on mine. Easy job. Shit is bright. Looks nice too.

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