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Kelson 10-21-2009 11:21 PM

Toys For Tots
Hey just putting this up there if anyone's interested in going to the annual toys for tot cruise...a bunch of us over on XRU are goin so it'd be nice to see some other tacos come out and support the keiki

here's the link

and the info


my friend judd posted this up on forumshawaii. i know its awhile longer but this'll give you guys time to put down request off and what not. i just thought i'd post up to see if you guys was interested in participating and showing some love for the keiki.



Here it is, the biggest cruise and charity event of the year for car enthusiasts. Over 30 car clubs, over 300+ people and cars, and its for a great cause, during a time that people could use it. Our annual Toys 4 Tots cruise will be held on November 28 (Saturday). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make the meeting, but Will of Pimplux was kind enough to share some of the information that was discussed.

Request the day off, tell your SO/wives about it and get a "pass", and our mainland counterparts should plan their vacations to make this one (ok, let's not get carried away http://www.clublexus.com/forums/images/smilies/pat.gif).

Meet-up Place: Keehi State Park (Parking Lot after the tennis courts)
What day is this?: November 28, Saturday
What Time: 10:30 Meetup
When will we roll out?: no later than 11:30am
Where are we rolling to?: Kaneohe Marine Base
When does the event end?: 3pm

Additional Details:
You have to show up at Kapolei, you cannot meet us at the base, the reason being that they will be handing out the passes to get on base @ Keehi. When we arrive, we will be @ Hangar 1. I've been told that there also is no shade so we may want to bring a tent so we don't die. Marine base said they will be organizing food and music as well. I thought was pretty cool that it was the Marine Base General that is backing the toys for tots program this year.

Expecting everybody to be properly able to go on base, they don't check recon, but they will check license, registration, and safety check I believe.

In addition there will be a show and shine, no trophies will be awarded though, and also a raffle, so if you have anything to donate to the raffle they are accepting stuff as well.
TO MAKE THINGS SIMPLE (had some confusion last year), I WILL GET THE PASSES TO GET ON BASE FROM THE ORGANIZER AT 11:15. Even if you have a base sticker, it is STRONGLY recommended you take a T4T pass.

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