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Kelson 04-22-2010 11:10 PM

Tacoma/XRunner Meet, Greet and CRUISE THIS SATURDAY 4/24
Kinda last min. lol



Wats up neva been on here in a while cuzz computer broken / for got pass word (Useing my gf labtop thank god my password is saved on here) any way alot of people wanted a cruise so here it is.

What : A after noon / night cruise / eating (so come hungry)

Who : X-runners / tacomas / and if any of your friends want to come out dey can ; no matta wat kind car, truck, or van dey get ! Your friends only plz , not friends of a friend don't want it to be to big.

Why : Because Reid (Hibspxr48) wants one ! sorry 2 put u on on da G spot but it da truth ! and other people want 1 2 includeing me !

When : April 24th saturday !

Where : (Im makeing 3 meet up at diffrent stops for people who can't make it to da first meet up) *dam im so Akamai* ok nuff bs

***1st meet up will be at Iwi Lei Costco parking lot closer to home depo look for my Flashers (da 1 before China town Next 2 Home Depo) If we not there cuzz we get kicked out look for us or me at Home Depo Top floor parking lot.

***2nd meet up is at Zippys in Kalihi da 1 Close to HCC skoo *If u pass HCC going diamon head way u passed Zippys so make a Iligle u turn and head back*

***3rd meet up will be at Home Depo parking lot in Pear City *Lights in parking lot might be off* if not there cuzz something came up Look for us at WALL MART parking lot in Pearl City !

Time : First meet up (Costco Iwi Lei) is at 5:45 P.M. - Roll out is at 7:00 P.M. *Still have time to take pictures in sun light*

Second meet up (Zippys Kalihi) probly around 7:10 P.M. - Roll out 8:45 P.M. hopefully enough time to eat * if not give your food to me so i dont have to buy anything *

Third Meet up (Home Depo Pearl city) Hopefully by 9:30 P.M. if not earlyer or latter.(Good time for take pictures of Fogs and head lights or if u get Neons and for Ryan his kool Police flashing lights!) Roll out When eva u like cuzz pau go home well if u like we can go to da car cruise at NEX probly around 11 is da meet up .
Routs : Ok time put all dis hum bug Together. Meet Costco then head out to Zippys, afta we Pig out head out to H3 Tunnels (some people want to show off there Exhaust in tunnel i know i do) take Kam Hwy cut off go back on H3 then to Pear City Home Depo then call it a night or go to NEX car cruise i think it going to be at NEX ask http://www.xr-underground.com/forum/...xr-u/adore.gifkelson Da Wise Master of Car / Truck Cruises !http://www.xr-underground.com/forum/...xr-u/adore.gif

OK Thanks for Reading Jared / as ryan would say BIG BALLAH ! http://www.xr-underground.com/forum/...xr-u/laugh.gif

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