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hitmans.army 05-12-2012 12:25 PM

History: Spinal Stenosis, bulged disks, and nerve damage in lower back. Thanks Uncle Sam.
Today, I was changing the oil in my car. I was laying on my back and kinda rolled to the side to grab my drip pan. When I did this I felt a sharp pain in my back and my left leg got kinda a cold feeling running down to my toes. It was an annoyance but I finished what I was doing and got everything done. Then I went to get in my truck and I physically could not stand the pain from tryin to lift either of my legs up to get in. WTF now I cant even get in my own freakin truck! I had to turn my back to my seat and lift myself up using the grab handle and roof. I am 27, not 72. Sh**. Rant complete.

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