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gopens48 11-07-2011 09:11 AM

Interviewing for LEO
I'm going to be interviewing for one of the bigger departments in the state tomorrow evening. I'm curious if anyone here has any tips or anything that can help my with my interview. I know to dress professional (already have my suit), i also know to stress officer and scene safety on any practical questions they give me, and to stick with my answer even though they'll try to change my mind. Does anybody have any other suggestions for how to interview? Or maybe some commonly asked questions at LEO interviews?

ftttu 11-07-2011 11:48 AM

One question they always seem to ask is why you want to be a cop or why do you want to work for that agency. Motivate them by telling them that you want to chase the bad guys. You want to wear a cool police uniform and drive a police car. Tell them you want to investigate crime, presenting good cases for a successful prosecution of the bad guys. Tell them that you want to do exactly what you see on Cops and other police shows. Remember, the interviewers used to want the same things at the beginning of their career. Just don't scare them, being some type of Tackleberry. Also, don't forget on arriving at any critical scene, the protection of life greatly outweighs the protection of property. Would you ticket your best friend or mother? Best to say that you wouldn't. You are not a law enforcement robot.

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