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munkel 10-12-2011 01:38 PM

Accessory lighting advice for 2004 Tacoma
I am putting a rack on my canopy and installing 2 Hella 70mm lights facing towards the back for back up lights. I intend on having them turn on when the truck is in reverse and when I flip a switch on the dash.

I also want to put two more on the front of the canopy rack, one facing each way that can be independently turned on for lighting on the sides for work/setting up camp etc. Again this will require two more switches in the dash.

Lastly I want to install two lights behind the mesh grill I have, maybe Hella FF500's. Add one more switch for this. Hopefully I can use them for driving lights when aimed properly. My headlights are horrible during the winter, even with HID dropins. Maybe fogs would be better, thoughts?

The switches I plan on getting are the carling ones from here. I would like to mount them with a plate like this from Dirty Parts.

OK, so here is the questions:

The 70mm lights don't come with switches, wiring or relays. Other than the switches which I have picked what do I need? What's the best gauge wire for this project? I would prefer to be able to turn on the lights even when the key is not in the truck.

Do I need an accessory fuse panel/block for all this?

Any thoughts on using the FF500's in the city for driving at night? Especially in the winter my headlights don't cut it. I do not want to blind other drivers though. Maybe fogs would be a better idea for city driving?

Any other thoughts as to different switch mounts or suggestions to make this work smoother?

Thanks in advance,

Mike (electrical noob)

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