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hondarubiconowner 06-21-2012 03:45 PM

New Headlight and HID Kit: Best Choices?
Hey guys I am looking at getting a new set of headlights for my taco. Its a 2007 PreRunner 4.0L. I want to get Spyder headlights, but I'm not sure which would look the coolest. I want the "blackout" look so I was thinking about the smoked lights, but the black background ones look cool too. Also what is the best HID kit I could buy for around $100-$150 price range?

Rascal737 07-25-2012 11:43 AM

Hey nate,
Theses are the one's I got.....made by spyder but bought on ebay
these are the 3rd gen lights.....if you search the forums in the lighting department, there are lots of comments about these (not specifically this model) types of lights


beam pattern is not great, i have halogens in them right now


but I'm gonna do an HID projector retrofit on them soon.....probably going for the morimoto mini H1 Stage III kit from www.theretrofitsource.com

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