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TheWorkGuy 07-12-2012 06:33 PM

Troubleshooting Headlight Low Beam Issue - 1995 Tacoma 2.7L 4WD
Hello, I'm new to the forum and looking forward to on going project:cool:

I have what I think might be a unique issue with my 1995 Toyota Tacoma 4WD 2.7L Ext cab.
Standard problem with low beam (passenger-side / RH) not working, but all high-beams work.
I've already checked both fuse boxes, all two 10A fuses are good.
I purchased new headlight and replaced RH Headlight. (as well as swapped the LH with the new HL)

I've done a simple troubleshoot by turning low-beams on, and removing 10A fuses (next to the battery).

Remove RH fuse = RH off, LH works.
Remove LH fuse, RH and LH work, but both are very dim. (feedback wiring issue?)

this is leading me to believe its a wiring problem...?
the truck also recently sustained some front damage from a run in with a ditch (although none of the lighting wiring was affected), and had battery acid leak few months ago (LH). But I've inspected all wiring near the battery and they all seem "ship-shape."

I've also inspected the underbelly of the fuse box, where the Junction Connector J1 is and all seem untouched and clean.

I've now removed the top prong of the headlight connectors (R-G wire) on both sides, to help isolate the wire that maybe giving "feedback" when running a fuse removal test.

Any Help or insight is much appreciated,


TheWorkGuy 07-12-2012 06:37 PM

Also, all other lights are working properly, High-beam (HB) indictor light works, and I (80%) sure the relay is good, clicks once when lights (LB) are turned on, same click when High-beams (HB) are turned on, and (slightly different click when HBs are turned off, same click as first two clicks, when LB are turned off.

Mr. Taco1 11-02-2014 12:03 PM

my truck just recently has this issue too. this thread helped me brainstorm some ideas. sorry im no help in solving the problem

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