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fallon 11-24-2012 05:28 PM

BLHM + FX-R install color/style question
I plan on pretty much following http://www.tacomaworld.com/forum/lig...ended-cab.html

I think I have everything all figured out, except for second guessing my plan of doing everything (halogen bowl, all chrome trim & shrouds) in low gloss black.

Metallic grey Tacoma
I'm slowly starting to stealth it up & have some low gloss black rims about to get snow tires on em.

Any suggestions on what to do color wise?
  • Go all low gloss black
  • Low gloss black on everything but leave the shrouds chrome
  • Low gloss black on everything but metallic grey the shrouds
  • Something else slightly stealthy?

Any flaws in my parts list & plan? Plan on pulling the trigger before the TRS Black Friday deal expires on Monday. I'd successfully talked myself out of doing this as I had a perfectly working truck & use daily for commuting... then the drivers side headlight burned out 2-3 days later & the wife is flying out of town for a couple weeks so I'll have a spare vehicle.

The parts
  • H4/9003 wiring harness
  • Osram 66240 D2S SVS 4200k + $150 upgrade
  • Re-sealing glue + $10
  • Gatling Gun shrouds
  • (Debaiting) XB LED amber halos + $50

Other stuff
  • 2.75" hole saw
  • Permatex high temp sealant
  • 8 stainless steel 8/32 2in bolts, nuts and washers
  • Duplicolor self etching primer (already have)
  • Duplicolor DE1634 engine paint (already have)
  • Possibly VHT metalic grey wheel paint (already have)

The plan
  1. Pull housings
  2. Heat & crack open housings
  3. Verify stock halogen alignment
  4. Mod housings
  5. Test fit FX-Rs
  6. Verify new FX-R alignment (fix if needed)
  7. Remove FX-Rs
  8. Scuff with Scotcbrite type pads
  9. Clean with Dawn & water
  10. Dry really well
  11. Mask off remaining lenses
  12. Duplicolor self etching primer over all bezels & the OEM halogen reflector bowl
  13. Duplicolor DE1634 engine paint (Same as I used on the rims for my soon to be mounted snow tires) over all bezels & the OEM halogen reflector bowl
  14. Prime & paint shrouds? (debating if I should leave them chrome, go flat black, or possibly something else)
  15. Hit all painted parts with a heat gun for a few minutes to bake off a few fumes & keep the oven from getting nasty smelling
  16. Bake anything painted at 170ish for around half an hour to cook out any fumes
  17. Install FX-Rs & shrouds (maybe angel eyes)
  18. Verify FX-R alignment
  19. Heat up & seal housings
  20. Re-install housings
  21. Hook up the electronics

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