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CroMags90 11-29-2012 12:12 PM

Empty fog light slot - 2009 Tacoma
So I bought the single cab Base model when I was in desperate need of a vehicle. Totally fell in love with this beauty. This truck is a white canvas thats just begging to be work on. Slowly but surely, I've been adding things and soon enough ill post my album. For now, I'm gathering intel on products, accessories, etc..

So back to topic. Lights. I have the Base model, which means I have the empty slot with the black plastic cap. I took out to inspect but I didnt see much. I'd like to get some nice fog lights for this winter ( I live in Mass) I've look all around but I feel like some places are wicked over prices and some I just dont trust.

My Questions are :

Whats my specific fitting?
Everyone is getting HID's, Should I?
What are some good trustworthy websites?
Is this a DIY procedure or would i need to go to a shop?
Best and worse products?

Thanks guys. Much appreciated soon enough ill have my album up.

Also it would if someone else already posted this and you can just post the other thread.

Pugga 11-29-2012 12:35 PM

Welcome from another Masshole :D

To answer your questions:
Not sure what you mean by 'fitting'. You can find complete fog light kits on Ebay that come with the wiring, relay, lights and switch. Once you remove the fog light blanks, the fog lights should just clip into place and then you just have to wire them. The OEM fog light switch will fit in the blank to the left of the steering wheel and you can make the OEM switch work with aftermarket lights fairly easily.

Regarding HID's, if you want them to actually function as fog or foul weather lights, don't bother with HID's unless you're getting projectors. You'll just end up with a LOT of glare and oncoming traffic will hate you. Also, if you plan to wire them up like stock fog lights (meaning they switch off when you cycle your high beams), then I wouldn't go HID. They generally do not like to be cycled on and off rapidly, they like to be turned on and left on.

If you want OEM parts, try Camelback Toyota (parts.camelbacktoyota.com), TRDparts4u or keep your eye out on the forum for a used set of lights. Same for the switch, also check Ebay.

If you're moderately proficient with automotive wiring, this is a DIY project. I'm sure you could dig up a write up if you searched but installing lights is not difficult.

4Wheelin4Banger 11-29-2012 12:39 PM

I got mine from another member that upgraded to a plate bumper.
OEM ones can be found here from time to time.
Some have gone the Ebay route with varying success.
As for wiring them I did mine without a switch so anytime my lights (running, low or high beams) are on so are my fogs. I use them as daytime running lights by leaving my running lights on.
My how to write-up. My Auto OEM Fog Light Mod
It's not hard to do.
It also includes links to switched install write-ups.

CroMags90 12-01-2012 12:48 AM

thanks boys!!!

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