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clc clc 02-07-2013 08:38 PM

Questions about fog light installation
Before I start with the questions I want to thank you guys for helping me find a fog light kit. I appreciate it.

1). I would like to replace the supplied oem (or what I assume oem) switch with a OTRATTW rocker switch. How can I tell what is the proper replacement switch? It seems the only difference between the rocker switches are they are 12v or 18v? I ask because I plan on adding more and want my switches to match.

2). The instructions have the lights set up to be on with the low beams and off with high beams so I assume this is oem. If this is so I assume I will have and do the DIY fog light on anytime mod along with the original instructions? I would like the ability to leave my fogs on with the high beams on.

3). I leave my lights on all the time. How would I have my fogs turn off with the rest of my lights when the vehicle is off and I open my door?

Before i install my lights im trying to figure out what i need to do to make my lights what i want them to do :D. thanks!

jdjonesiii 05-11-2014 02:03 PM

Toyota fog light kit has everything. install in about 3 hours.

Gentlemen stop suffering with your fog light problems. Toyora Factory fog light kit with everything. I purchased and installed in about 3 hours. Plug and play. Link also has install instructions. Discounted price from this dealer. http://****************************-2.t...light-kit-2012 John Stone Mountain Georgia
Go to the line and print a copy of the install instructions. They will help you.

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