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mattvivsound 02-28-2013 01:25 PM

Front lighting with Defiant light bar?
I am looking at adding the Defiant short tube light bar for the front of my '05 4Runner and of course Im going to add some lights. So I am in a little debate with myself on what I want to get.

Does anyone have a Defiant bar with a light bar on it? What size is your bar? Will the 20 and a pair of Dually D2 fit on the short light bar?

I am pretty set on a pair of Rigid Dually D2 driving lights, but am not sure if I should get a pair of the Dually spot or a single 10 or even a 20 E-Series light bars. I do a lot of late night driving in the rural area, I need something that can light up road ahead of me while putting some light on the side for the road so that I can see the deer. I am going to wire the lights up so that the outside pair is on a switch and the inner light(s) are on another switch.

Option 1: Dually D2 (x4)
Option 2: Dually D2 (x2) & Dually Spot (x2)
Option 3: Dually D2 (x2) & 6 E-Series (spot)
Option 4: Dually D2 (x2) & 10 E-Series (combo)
Option 5: Dually D2 (x2) & 20 E-Series (combo)
Option 6: 3x 6 E-series (2 outers as a Combo with Center as a Spot)

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