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undecided 03-01-2013 10:28 AM

Understanding lights/ looking for a direction
Alright, I am just trying to better understand exterior outdoor lighting because I want to hook up my rig that would make the sun gods jealous and I am just unsure what direction I want to go in.

GO Lights- http://www.golight.com/

- choice of magnetic or hard mounted
- motorized movement (ability to tilt up and down/ left and right)
- remote controlled with dash mount or handheld remote (ability to use both)
-rebuildable, replacement parts available to repair
-simple installation

- size (that's what she said) it seems like the average is 7in x 7in
- unable to mount inverted
- co$t. the average is $300 +
- asthetics (possible gaudy look)

Offroad LED Light bar
I didnt want to provide a specific vendor because there are so many choices. Hopefully some of our fellow TW Vendors can weigh in on this subject.

- looks
- price
- simple wiring designs

- custom mounting brackets (sometimes creates an addtional cost)
- stationary mounts
- possibly not rebuildable (depends on vendor)

As an obvius buyer (you), would you choose spot or flood pattern? What are the pros/cons of either? Go Light or Light Bar? Thank you for lending your knowledge to me and other TW members.

Ryan DCFS 03-01-2013 11:54 AM

It depends on what your needs are. Golight makes a good product, and is commonly used by the military... But they are very expensive and the light output for the price point is easily beaten by other brand's LED's or HID's or halogens.

HID lighting will give you the best distance for the amp draw, LED will give you the best out-the-front lumens for the amp draw, with the ability to find good pricing. LED's will not throw as far as HID's or some halogens, but can throw a wide beam of bright light pretty far. I like the idea of the golight, but they're quite a bit of money for the actual output.

HID and LED golights can get well into $600-1000 dollar range.

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