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DevL 03-01-2013 10:55 PM

Just received Scorpion LED 50w LED floods!
I am having a custom front bumper made by Relentless Fab to house Scorpion 50w LED floods in the fog light poisition. I requested something with less blue and closer to absoloute white. I was looking for a complete flood of even light to be spread over as wide an area as possible. I wanted up and down for terrain like hills, trees, seeing up a trail while pointed down hill etc. This was my close range solution only. I did not want to use any more power than a 55w halogen light but wanted a LOT more power and also wanted to be able to connect the light up to police lights to be used as strobes since a future HID projector retro will kill my ability to use the headlight to mount strobes.

I have only just received them and hooked up one to my battery and WOW! This thing throws the purest, most even flood beam imaginable! Its got to be 60 degrees or more wide. I had them build be a special 5100K version instead of their standard 5660K beam temperature. It has 64 LEDs arranged in an 8x8 pattern. The light output is COMPLETELY WHITE, without the slightest hint of blue. Since it uses a combination of a reflector and a glass optic it has a slight tinge of yellow at the edges, from the optic. Seems to light up everything inside 50m like it is day. Lights up things to 100m enough to see. Its good at illuminating relfectors and the eyes of animals at 200m.

Now this is a FLOOD beam, no question. It produces PERFECTLY EVEN LIGHT across the entire beam width with no artifacts, bright spots, or dim spots. It does not do crap other than illuminate eyes and reflectors at 200m and is only impressively bright inside 50m. For use as a strobe it will be super overkill. Its like having a police spotlight in your face at pretty much any angle or range. It may be too wide and too bright to be strobed... to the observer on the other end it is blinding to a ridiculous degree if left on continuously.

I dont have any pics yet since I just got them but will certainly get some up once the bumper gets built; however, I am super impressed with them. The entire housing and front ring is super heavy billet aluminum. The entire light is 100% water proof and built from a single block of aluminum. The wiring has all waterproof connectors and it is incredibly well built.

It looks like these lights are only less than a half inch wider than the stock fogs, maybe less. I am poistive you could mount them in place of the factory fog lights with a custom mounting solution, though I think these are best mounted 10-15 degrees canted out to the sides. They certainly seem to be putting out the claimed 5400 Lumens each. If you have considered Scorpion LED and are looking for FLOOD light, I highly reccomend them. Makes me sort of wish I bought the 109w version, although I know that is overkill and not suitable for use inside a bumper while not moving (those require 5mph wind exposure).

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