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otis24 03-05-2013 03:14 PM

Spot or Flood for Aux Reverse Lights
I'm thinking of getting something like these http://jasperoffroad.com/index.php/led-lighting/small-led-pods/6-slim-18w-led-pod.html
for extra reverse lights. I have a camper shell with tinted glass and I can't see out the back all that well at night. These seem pretty bright and low profile so I can mount one on either side of my trailer hitch.

Which would work better - Spot of Flood? Or one of each? Now that I'm writing my question I'm thinking one of each.

Pugga 03-05-2013 03:16 PM

I'd go flood for reverse lights. No need to see 100' behind you while backing up but 30' behind you and wide would be nice, at least that's my $0.02.

Justus 03-05-2013 03:37 PM

flood.....spot would light up a small area and give u distance but sacrifice spread...ur not backing up at 65mph so I would fully weigh on the flood/fog pattern.

Having the surrounding area illuminated is much more important than whats a block away when ur backing up at a low speed.

Im with Fuggles on this one :thumbsup:

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