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Glueman 05-05-2013 02:37 PM

What's the difference?
What's the difference between Hella Black Magic 500's and 1000's?

I am considering these to go behind the Satoshi grill I'm making and I can't find the difference. I've looked on the Hella site and they are both 55w bulbs. I was assuming it was the light output but I'm not certain. :confused:

RelentlessTaco 05-05-2013 02:39 PM

Overall size is a bit different between the two...

Rocketball 05-06-2013 10:52 AM

I don't know for sure, but if they use the same wattage lamp, I don't see how they could have a different light output.

I have the 500's behind my grill and love the look. The Black Magic lights almost vanish behind the grill, and that's just the look I was going for.

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