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09toyotacoma 02-15-2010 09:13 PM

fog light question
If my tacoma didnt come with fog lights, are there still wires for them tucked away some where or does toyota use a different wiring harness?
I also bought 2 kc daylighters that are 130 watts each for my bull bar but they are to big, they are to tall to fit between the bars. =(

blackcamry 06-08-2010 06:26 PM

I have a 2006 Tacoma and it didn't come with fog lights and from what I have found out is that the 4 cylinder engines don't have the wiring harness under the hood for fog lights to plug into, only 6 cylingers engines come with the harness already there. Anyway I have put the fog lights in and bought a O.E.M. switch and put it in the dash. Here is the part I don't understand and that is the wiring harness is in the dash to plug into the switch. I have it installed and when you turn the switch on the light comes on in the switch. So the four cylinder engine doesn't have the harness under the hood but does have it in the dash. I'm still trying to figure what and how to wire it from the switch to the fog lights.

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