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DirtDriven05 06-22-2013 10:29 AM

Engage LT kit brake line question
Any of you guys running the engage kit with the race spindle, can you tell me what size extended brake lines I'll need? Picked up a used kit, doesn't come with the lines.

DirtDriven05 06-22-2013 10:36 AM

2nd gen in case anyone was wondering

ironman_jon 06-22-2013 03:55 PM

I found out that the camburg were 8" over stock so i got a set that were 10" just in case. As far as Engage i have no clue. There is a group buy on lines pm OCtaco and he will hook you up.


tostidos 07-15-2013 10:18 AM

Call up Engage, Hass is a nice guy and would be glad to point you in the right direction for what brake lines they suggest using.


tacomonazul 02-20-2014 12:15 PM

Where did you bought the brake lines? Bought the same setup and need brake lines

ironman_jon 02-20-2014 12:29 PM

In the group buy section there is a brake kine thread. Contact him and he will hook u up

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