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MAXTacoma 10-08-2009 08:43 PM

Northern KY or Cincinnati Trucks???
Ok I live in Northern KY... about 5 min from Cincinnati OH... I am try to get all the people who live around me together for a day down at my farm (about 45 min south of Cincinnati. My family has 150 acers... not to many trails mainly a long gravel driveway.... and a mud road to the lake and the fields... There isn't any rocks unless you get into the creeks (2)... My truck being stock and a DD I try not to get to crazy so I tend to stay in the fields and on the paths so I dont get scratches... My truck is also double cab long bed with no skid plates and sits a little low with my running boards... Everyone who wants to come would be welcome to come down... I bring my dogs so they can run and swim you would be welcome to as long as they get along with other dogs(mine do)... you can fish or do whatever you want... I dont want anyone to be dissapointed there aren't any trails but you are more than welcome to drive anywhere on the property you want... there are 2 large fields and some ATV trails and a pond.... I might bring my quads so anyone who has one would be welcome to... Who would be interested.... I am thinking maybe the first week of November????

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