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The_Dude 06-30-2010 12:09 PM

Air Force Reserve
A friend of mine, who was in the Air Force, told me some info. on joining the Air Force Reserve and got me thinking. Currently, I am an instrument rated private pilot, and working on the commercial. Also, I am enrolled in Southern Illinois University Carbondale expecting to earn a B.S. in Aviation Management by summer 2011. The main thing I want to do is fly the C-17. From what my friend said, it is easier to do than one would assume. I was wondering if anyone on here had some more information on the likelihood of me doing so and if anyone could point me in the right direction to speak to someone other than a recruiter.


Taco Gunner 07-04-2010 09:47 AM

The USAF and most services have a bulk of pilots. Now, if you really want to fly, start the process now. Find a reserve/guard unit that flies C-17s and start talking to them...NOW! It can take a while. Talk to the Squadron commander or the director of operations...they will be your best source of information.

As for it being "easy"...not really. Very competitive right now...

Brunes 07-04-2010 10:14 AM

Ditto what Gunner said-IDK about the AFR specifically-but in general all the services are fat with people. Flight programs were fairly competitive beforehand- now spots are downright difficult to come by.

C17Guy 07-06-2010 03:43 AM

Crazy, just got back from flying a combat mission and saw your PM and this thread up! A lot of good info!

I happen to fly on 17s as a loadmaster right now, and as a reserve member, whom also will be going to the whole OTS and Pilot training route next July so maybe I'll see ya out there!

Currently the Reserves has been cutting a lot of people loose, however, these people have all been old LTC who've reached there time to leave. Thus opening a ton (and I do mean a ton) of slots open for the pilot career field. I can only speak for the C17 Reserves in Charleston though.

With the background you just gave, trust me, squadrons will be fighting to put you in their jet. The fact that you want to go C17s is awesome, its really a remarkable jet that's capable of so much! Only we, can fly intercontinental into a combat zone, land in some off remote dirt runway or do air drops and turn around and drink beers in Germany later that day! It's an awesome life style if you can get over the long hours in the jet!

If you really are serious, I would start talking to Reserve squadrons (I can get you contact numbers for whatever base you'd like) and tell them your interested a couple months before your graduate. It's kind of like a 3 part interview process. First you apply, then telephone interview, then comes your face to face. All these are for is to A) see if your qualified and seem like you have a good head on your shoulders and B) to see if your a cool enough guy to fly and spend a lot of time with.

Going out on these trips are a bonding experience, they become your family for however long your gone (usually 10-15 days). I'm currently deployed with active duty in Turkey for the next 4 months and its been an unusual experience flying with active duty, we definitely get spoiled in the reserves!

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to respond more in depth. Right now its time for bed!

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