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thenomad 12-05-2010 04:25 PM

Bumps and Bruises
Have any of you gotten injured or wounded during your service? What types have you gotten?

I originally enlisted for airborne ranger. Broke my foot in basic and got my slots pulled and had no open slots when I finished so lucky me went to a regular Infantry unit (which worked out awesome from the experience stand point). My foot stayed fractured for 6 months and I continued to train which resulted in surgery.

Then in 04 I deployed to Sadr City, Iraq. We hit numerous IED (about 30) and in which one I was in the back of a bradley and got thrown across (had my helmet off) and smashed my head. Was knocked out briefly and broke a bone in my hand. I also fucked my neck up pretty bad where I have really bad pain to this day (almost makes me puke). I also got shrapnel or a bullet in my hip. The funny thing is it is 5mm big......

So all in all the VA has service connected me for

Post percussive syndrome (whatever the fuck that is)
Cervical Stenosis
Lower Lumbar strain (3 herniated discs)
My left foot and right hand

What do you crazy bastards have for bumps and bruises?

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