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NumNutz 01-24-2011 11:29 AM

Navy ROTC cut-backs
Just had a meeting with my LCDR and it sounds like I am no longer going to be able to participate in ROTC. They are dropping the guys that haven't applied for scholarships yet, not offering them advanced standing, and shutting down the Naval Science Institute. Now my only option for joining the service is OCS after school.

No scholarship. Great. Can't wait to take out my 150k+ student loan. Not to mention the 50k+ loan I already have. Officer salary will pay those off real quick:mad:

I know you don't join the service to make money but, if I have to start making loan payments the second I get out of school, the service might not be an option. Take into consideration that a starting salary for me would pay about the same as a O-3 with 10 years in and it almost seems hard to justify.

I think I'm heated and need to think about this but, I'd like to hear some opinions.

Regardless, those thinking about joining ROTC, here is the straight poop.

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