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Ice Horse 11-27-2012 04:29 PM

Help Save Canyonlands for the 4x4 Community!
Hijacked from another forum so I won't have to retype all of it. We need everyone's help!

"Don't know if everyone has heard or not, but there is a big letter being written to the president asking for him to designate the Canyonlands area as a monument. They are claiming this will "save" the area for recreational use. However, they have also specifically requested to shut down trails used by motorized vehicles. Please do your part and help us save the land we like to enjoy. This takes 60 seconds. A simple email address, and password to sign up, then you just verify and sign this petition. Stop sitting back and watching our right to land disappear!!"

Here is a link to the petition:

And another link to a thread on it:

And here is the link to the letter (there are other important links on the thread linked above):

Take note of the 100 "outdoor" businesses that have signed the letter. Some of the few include North Face, Burton Snowboards, Camelbak, New Belgium Brewery, and many more! I will no longer be supporting any of these companies who have signed this.

Please spread the word!

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