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ty.s07 04-20-2012 07:30 PM

07 gsxr 600 power commander issues
2007 gsxr 600 with a two brothers slip on and a K&N air filter, it was running rich so after some research I bought a power commander and loaded it up with a pre made map from dynojet for my bike/mods. Now the lights on the power commander indicating rich or lean (it's a PC3 USB) read lean all the time, obviously I can't look at it while riding but while idling and revving it stays lean even after fine tuning the power commander with the buttons on it.. can anyone shed some light on this issue? I assume I could edit the actual map to make it richer through the idling rpm's but I have zero experience with building a map.

Thanks in advance

Rich91710 04-20-2012 07:44 PM

A pre-made map is just that. It's not specific to your bike... it is simply a sample of what Dynojet has seen "work" on one or two similar bikes based on their dyno runs.

The "pre made" map for my Vulcan 1600 was WAY off... I ended up doing a lot of tweaking to get a good balance of power and economy.
The funny thing was that two different maps for the same exhaust, but two different intakes... even though the intakes were virtually identical... the maps were WAY different... one showing lean where the other fattened it up.

Now... having said that...
Are you referring to the lights on the unit itself, or on the add-on dashboard?
Unless it is connected to an O2 sensor, the PC3 has no idea whether you are running rich or lean. The only indications that mine has tell me the throttle position, and it tells me whether it is adding or reducing fuel... but it physically can't report the actual mixture. You need a dyno run with a wideband O2 sensor for that.

Normally, adding a pipe and intake is going to cause a bike to run lean, which is why the pre-made map would be adding fuel in most areas of the map.

For example, here's my map:


And this was the premade map that was closest to my pipe and intake:


ty.s07 04-20-2012 07:49 PM

I was referring to the actual lights on the unit telling what the unit is doing, all I've seen it do is run lean, I've turned it 10k rpms with out any light fluctuation yet when you first power up the commander the lights run through the start up cycle fine.

The map for my bike also has alot of zero's at the 0 and 2 throttle position, if i fatten that part up, especially around where it idles, theoretically shouldn't it fix my "lean" problem when idling?

Rich91710 04-20-2012 08:44 PM

How do you know you have a lean problem at idle?

Idle, and other low-load conditions you can normally lean way out to save fuel without risking the engine. Too lean and you'll get popping on decel (which is why my pre-made map had those 10s and 20s from 5k on down at 0% throttle.
I modified my intake to prevent the popping without adding fuel in those ranges, but I was running a bit lean off-idle (some pinging), which is why that area is fattened up.

But there are two ways to tune a PC3...
Spend the money on a dyno and custom map (and expect to tweak it to fit your riding style), or spend many hours fine tuning it "by ear". That's how I did it... by ear, feel, and fuel economy. I actually put a piece of tape on my throttle with the % throttle written on it so I could tell where I was cruising.
I spent the better part of 6 months working on that map.

ty.s07 04-20-2012 09:13 PM

I just need to play with the PC3 some more and tweak the pre-made map is what it sounds like to me. I have some popping on decel so i'll try adding more fuel in the mid range at 0 and 2% throttle, I just don't want to mess anything up, thanks for your input :thumbsup:

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