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Richard Cranium 04-25-2012 08:30 AM

Cleveland Cyclewerks - anybody seen one or heard anything?


Anybody here seen or heard anything about these? Tha Heist model looks like a sweet little rig, especially for the price!

TACO_Addict 04-26-2012 10:29 PM

I just bought one! It's a blast to ride. The 250cc motor could use a little more pull but anything bigger and I would probably get myself in some trouble! :p
Let me know if you have any questions.

TACO_Addict 09-13-2012 12:12 AM

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Thought I might bump this thread a bit with some pictures of my bike. Will post more pictures tomorrow next to the blacked out taco if anyone is interested. It's got some carb work done to it an exhaust and some goodies. It takes my friends Honda shadow 600 off the line every time. Surprising for a little scoot.

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