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Pugga 05-26-2012 02:29 PM

Need a new clutch...
My 2002 Katana 750 needs a clutch :( I need a complete rebuild, fritcion plates, drain plates and springs. I've been researching online and found a few options that fit, Barnetts, OEM and EBC. Does anyone have a review of the EBC or Barnetts kits? The bike is a commuter and a cruiser (lives the life of a sport tourer). I do get on it every once in a while but nothing like it'd see on a track (I don't do track days or plan to). I don't want clutch springs so stiff or friction plates so grabby that it's uncomfortable in traffic but think I want something tougher than the OEM kit which fried in 10k miles.

Pugga 05-27-2012 04:34 PM

42 views and no one has replaced a clutch in a sport bike?

Pugga 05-28-2012 03:34 PM

Ok... So I ordered EBC springs and friction plates. I'm hoping the steel drain plates are ok and can be reused. The springs are supposed to be 10% stiffer than stock and the EBC plates seem to have the same operation as OEM which should be fine for how I ride.

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