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Hoozel 04-10-2013 12:51 AM

Super'd Gixxer Build Thread
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Well i thought i would post the only build i have done. Still am working on the truck build. This bike has gone thru 3 Generations.

I will start with Gen 1 Rotrex Supercharger
this was a " Bolt on " kit from a thief out in Cali. the guy had a magazine article in Sport Rider and everything. I think he ruined his life up his nose. We con'd him into finally sending the last of the parts he owed me by playing on his Greed. My buddy kept saying to him he was gonna spend all this cash once he saw how mine was setup etc...

So kit arrived as in picture 1. missing injectors, no BOV, no intake, and very shitty parts. So with my brother in law, an Aerospace R & D Machinist, we redesigned the mount and made it " sort of work " well it ran good enough, put down 198 rear wheel hp with a very mild tune and timing retarded for safety. Edmonton Alberta is at 2100ft above sea level. So i'd say it did ok on its first Dyno pull. Remember this hasnt been Dyno tuned yet, i just tuned it by recording the A/F with the Wideband and making adjustments for a few weeks straight.

Hoozel 04-10-2013 12:55 AM

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cont'd Gen 1 install

Hoozel 04-10-2013 12:56 AM

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Dyno Sheet from first visit to a non Load controlled Dyno, strictly crack it open and print the sheet for the Customer.

Hoozel 04-10-2013 01:08 AM

Gen 2 Build:

Relocated intake to other side of bike, Exhaust wrapped all the headers all the way back to muffler. Cermaic Coated Intake pipe and Exhaust wrapped it to prevent heat as it passed in between the headers to the other side of the bike.

Added intercooler under the tank. had to mount it higher and actually use the tank to hold it done because it would blow off under boost.

Changed all the Fairings to the Black Knight. Retro'd in Dually Projectors with Halos.

Ripped out the Dyno jet Power commander and Ignition Module, and Wideband Commander. replaced with a MottyAFR tuner. cool closed loop system was one of a kind untill Dynojet and Bazzaz brought out there kits.

Installed better brakes, Brembo RCS Master cylinder, Galfer Superbike rotors, Galfer Wave rear rotor, Galespeed Magnesium Rims. Titanium Sprocket Bolts, Nuts, Rotor bolts front and back. Basically anything rotating was either titanium or Magnesium. Bike just falls into corners... but it wheelies way way too much. I pulled up beside my buddy in a tuck doing about 180kmh, as a test i had it in 5th.... whacked the throttle and it went vertical at 190kmh. Thos Rotrex Blowers are nuts.

Hoozel 04-10-2013 01:11 AM

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Hoozel 04-10-2013 01:20 AM

Gen 3 : Same Blower just new mount and some other goodies

So one day we realized that the blower belt was slipping, after doing some research probably losing 10% top end power. So i found a new mount and a much smaller Cogged Belt.

Ripped out the Motty AFR tuning system. Put in the new Dynojet PC V with slef tuning, Ignition, quickshifter and a new Digital electronic Boost gauge. and an SSQV blow off valve.

So new blower system installed after drilling out the other pulley.... this is a must Do Not Ever Try to Undo or Replace the Pulley that comes on a Rotrex Blower ! bad shit happens. Drill it out, super simple.

Never got this one onto the Dyno.... tell you why in a bit. I made a youtube video of a track day i tried to do with this monster now running full boost. So we have this little enlarged Pro Karting track. basically big enough for a 600, not so good for a stock 1000, let alone one on Boost. i don't really hit it untill halfway in vid, track was pretty wet still. Corner 1 leads into the straight, there was an 848 EVO that got a jump on me out of the exit.... ya i ate it, caught it like it was standing still.

here is a link to the video.


at about last lap shit went bad.... ya that nasty sound of marbles in the motor and no power anymore. So no Dyno run for Gen 3

Hoozel 04-10-2013 01:22 AM

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Gen 3 pics. Sorry very Grainy is in dark parkade and only had my phone.

Hoozel 04-10-2013 01:31 AM

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So bike is now being rebuilt for Gen 4 !

apparently 17lbs of boost on stock internals very bad... who'da thunk.

when i went back into pit the new fancy electronic boost gauge has a max boost recall, in my heart i already knew what had happened... hit the recall button. the needle wrapped around the gauge and wen tpast 15lbs. i was like Fack.

So engine builder has bike over this winter. i dropped 4 valves into the cylinders and mucked them up a ton. So being bored out new pistons, and being re inforced for 15lbs of boost hoping anyway. i will post more pics of it when i get it back.

below is a pic of an AMA superbike i picked up. this was day i got it. and a Pic of Chris Perris at Daytona i think on it. then the wallet opened and it got some Magnesium JB Magtans, titanium shit galore, Starlane Dash, Brembo calipers and Masters, Ohlins Internals and a New Shock.

tinker_troy 04-10-2013 11:12 AM

ok... now I can say it.... NICE

Hoozel 04-10-2013 05:35 PM

It was huge learning curve. Not many Supercharged bikes out there. Lots of turbo guys with loads of info and helped me lots, but when it came to mounting it up and Pulleys ratios etc.. not much help out there.

Sure is fun though pulling into a place, and people are talking shit, no one seems to notice the pulley system.... then wammo it hits them WTF is pretty much everyones response. Or park in the back, walk around compliment guys on there bikes, tell them fack that thing must be fast etc... The idiots always reply with yep fastest thing around here... then when you go to leave blip the throttle once to kick the BOV. always makes me chuckle.

Hoozel 04-10-2013 05:49 PM

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Box of Toys
courtesy of the Helmet Center in Phoenix Az.

PatSully 04-13-2013 12:26 AM

nice build!
i buy stuff from the Helmet Center all the time. they are super helpful.

Hoozel 04-13-2013 11:19 AM

Ya i just got to know them last year. My buddy is good friends with them, everyutime he goes down to Phoenix they all hang out. So i went with him in december, Dave and Rob from helmet center came with us to a school put on by Chris Perris. Was an awesome time, and had a blast with those guys. Nothing like riding on a private track in the middle of the desert, when there is 2 feet of snow and -20 back home !

PatSully 04-14-2013 12:29 AM

was your school at Chuckwalla? thats a nice track
cant wait to get the D675 running and take that out there, instead of the SV

Hoozel 04-14-2013 11:58 AM

no it was at a private track middle of nowhere near Wilcox. Called inde motorsports. You have to buy a membership which gives you access whenever you want. Airport strip there too for people to fly in race for a few days and leave again. different levels of membership allow you more guests, piece of land for a building etc..

So my guess is Chris Perris bought into it and thats how he puts his school on there. Very technical track, not as wide as chuckwalla i was told though. But wow was it awesome. That helmet dragger Dustin was there helping out too, that guy is nuts.

PatSully 04-16-2013 08:36 PM

dustin is pretty funny! Inde is really nice, i loved it!
was down there a few years ago with Xcel when they were still running days down there. i think that was before it went almost completely private. there is a new org running days down there now too.

Hoozel 04-17-2013 10:22 AM

Is excel the one put on by one of the guys at Helmet center? Ya they hadnt heard of Inde either, so i just assumed it was kind of a secret place lol. Glad to hear that more people are using it because it is such a wicked track. Love the blind elevation changes where you point the bike at a mountain peak and hope for the best ! I was so slow out there compared to everyone else. So much to learn.

MagnecticgraySR5 04-22-2013 09:33 AM

nice build my i like the new color..... When we gonna c it at at fulll blast lol

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