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TubenStrasse 04-20-2013 12:42 AM

Please post pictures of Double Cab 6' Box w/ Leer 180
I do a lot of camping and rock climbing when I'm not working and I just picked up this 09 tacoma. Hoping to have my dirtbagger set up ready before the nice weather starts! I like the Leer 180 for the extra height, but I do a lot of work in the city and I am worried I won't fit in some of the underground lots that I usually park in. Also was considering a roof rack system, so is that plus 5''? Any help at all is much appreciated. I want to have a crash pad setup in the box. I had a sweet setup in my Sonoma before I bought the Tacoma. I have seen some pretty awesome setups on this site, looking forward to some feedback. Leer 180 is just one cap I was looking at, I am certainly open to any suggestions. Any help would be much appreciated! I am a newbie over here so I have no pictures posted tonight, will get on it tomorrow.

BoiseTaco311 04-27-2014 12:15 PM

2013 Double Cab 6' Bed w/ Leer 180 and Roof Racks
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Here are some pictures of mine. I've had to park in a few parking garages in town and haven't had a problem with clearance. I don't have any racks on top of the crossbars though.

I am a climber too and was wanting to build a bed in the back. I did it using:

- 2 8' 2x8's
- 2 sheets of plywood

the two indents below the lip alongside of the bed fit 2x8 boards perfectly with a little force. I ended up notching out the ends of the boards so they fit flush with the lip that runs around the side. Then just cut two halves of the bed shape (longways) out of the two sheets of ply wood and the weight of the crash pad is enough to keep it down. No glue or fasteners used.

and it fits perfect with my metolius magnum crash pad on top. I'm 6' and haven't had a problem with sleeping at all and theres plenty of clearance for sleeping as well. Storage underneath is a little shallow, but I've found some shallow bins to slide in nicely. Bed is plenty strong as well, held 2 people and a dog no problem.

Hope this helps. I'll try to get pictures of my bed set up posted shortly.

TubenStrasse 05-01-2014 11:54 AM

Hey man, thanks for getting back to me!

That extra space in the back come in pretty handy? Just wondering, do you have long distance driving to the crag? More and more I am considering just getting a small car for the day trips. Price of gas here in Ontario is scary. What kind of mileage do you get? That setup in the back sounds awesome dude. I saw those knock outs bed too and had planned to put it together. I used to put the bbq, stove and propane tank in the back, and that wouldn't fit under the plywood. So I put a thule up top for that cooking stuff. Better to keep it out of the bed anyway. I ended up going with the 100-Xr because I liked the slam shuts. But its a pain in the ass to close from inside the bed hah... I have to mount a handle eventually.

Sweet setup! Thank's again. I'll check out the bed setup once you get it posted. I might have a photos of my truck here somewhere that I can post, maybe you have some suggestions for me.

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