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kevin.95 05-15-2013 05:31 PM

09 Tacoma (slow build)
the early days of my build thread

it all started with my very generous dad giving me the old 2009 Tacoma DCSB 4x4 the day i got my first job the summer of junior year. no i did not get it straight up, i had to give him a significant amount of my paychecks to continue driving it, which proved worth it. Immediately after being gifted it i knew i wanted all the chrome to be gone

this is how it sat... shortly after taking that picture i found TW and thats where the fun and ideas came from

Its absolute very first time being off road ended pretty well, didn't know what trails were at the time so all i did was sling some mud around and crawl up some hills by the lake

so i took the bull bar of and got a can(actually multiple cans) of plasti derp, which i went crazy with

and then the emblems...

then the hood (at this time i also got the OEM roof Rack)
peeled the scoop after a week

off topic..heres a picture of the other love of my life...2008 SeaDoo Wake 215 SuperCharged

then i tried the tail lights...like i said, i went crazy.. I didn't like this so i peeled it off the next morning, also the light was still really bright. if your into tinted taillights that's an easy and cheap route to go

the truck down by the lake (Lanier in GA)

then off came the hood plasti dip and on came the lift, i have bilstiens in the front at 2.5, and a rear 2 inch block which will get replaced in the future

shortly after that i got the body armor step rail / "sliders".... i now regret not getting actual sliders, will in the future, i still love the look of these i just need something more durable that attaches to the frame
you can also notice the stubby antennae in this photo which i don't recommend...it sucks ass






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