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Colton98SR5 06-17-2013 01:14 PM

Help w/ Fender Flares & DIY bed liner
Hey guys,
I've got two topics I am looking for some pointers on. The first has to do with fender flares. I have a pair of fender flares off an 02 tacoma I am going to put on my 98, which has only the stock less than 1inch metal "flares". I need some kind of alternative for the plastic/rubber trim that fits between the flare and the fender of my truck - so my first question is if anyone knows what a good material is to use for this? I am also not thrilled about drilling holes in my fender to make places for the clips to connect - so my second question is if anyone has any alternatives to drilling holes? Again these are the 3 inch flares from a 02 that will be going on my 98.

The next topic is a little more general. I am interested in getting a sprayon/roll on bedliner, and I am curious what has been your experience if you have done it yourself. Is it easy? Would you recommend diy or taking it to a shop? I am all for saving the $400 by doing it myself, I just want to make sure I can do a good enough job that it doesn't end up looking like junk.


WHPLSH3 06-17-2013 02:32 PM

There was a lively discussion about this not long ago:

For the flares, any company that sells Bushwacker flares can get the welting that comes with a set of flares seperately. It comes in a loose roll that has enough to do 4 flares for roughly $30. It covers about 3/16" and is double sided taped inside.
For mounting, you won't be able to get away from drilling unless you find some small spring clamps- but they generally don't hang on once there's a little weight in the bottom of the flare from silt & sand once you get it wet. Prime the holes after you drill them, being sure you have ALL the bare metal covered. Let it dry for at least a couple hours. Put some of that primer on the threads of the bolts before you run them in and it should last forever.

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