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tcBob 06-09-2008 03:37 PM

How to Embed Photos into Forum Posts
Here's how to embed your photos into a forum post for all to see:

Use a third party image host like Photobucket to upload your pictures.


If you have issues with that, you can upload the pics directly on Tacoma World (tutorial below).

1. Go to the Tacoma Gallery


2. Upload your photos into the gallery


3. Under each photo you uploaded, there's a special embed code


4. Highlight and copy that embed code (either use the right-click mouse menu as shown, or use the keyboard shortcut...Windows: Ctrl-C, Mac: Command-C)


5. Now paste that code directly into your forum post (use the right-click mouse menu or the keyboard shortcut...Windows: Ctrl-V, Mac: Command-V). Do not use this icon http://www.tacomaworld.com/forum/ima...nsertimage.gif to paste in the gallery code, it serves a different purpose.


6. The code should appear like shown below if you did it right


5. The final result will appear when you submit the post:


PM me if you need assistance.

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