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fvtalon 04-18-2011 10:30 AM

Buying major appliances near Bellingham
Hey guys, I know this isn't Tacoma related, but I'm hoping to tap the forum for some info. I need to buy all the major appliances (fridge, gas range, OTR microwave, dishwasher, upright freezer, washer & dryer) and I'm thinking about heading across the line to the Bellingham area if there's substantial savings to be had.

I've been surfing BestBuy and comparing it to Futureshop here for a baseline, some appliances are within $50 and others are like $800 more up here. Costco.com has a 4 piece kitchen suite on but BestBuy has the same 4 listed about $200 or $250 cheaper. I know you can get some good package deals and good service at small mom & pop type places but I don't know of any in that area. I'm not opposed to freight damaged or scratch and dent type places too.

Anyways, I'd appreciate any suggestions on a good place to shop and any good/bad appliance reviews don't hurt. I know you can save the sales tax, which I think is 8.7% (?) by shopping in Oregon but to drag the truck and trailer down there (10 hours roundtrip to Portland) is gonna suck up a bunch of fuel. As far as what I'm looking for it'll be nice but not real high end stuff, I think we want stainless, nicer stuff in the kitchen and just a basic washer dryer to save money, call it around a $5000 budget for everything. I've got 3 weeks 'til we move. TIA

Chickenmunga 04-19-2011 12:10 PM

A few tips:

-you might try getting used. craigslist is flooded with stuff
-if you are getting front load, the optional pedestals are excellent if you can fit it. sometimes low cupboards won't allow for it. The reason to get them is not only for storage, but eliminates bending over

-try looking for the quiet models. having a dishwasher that makes almost no audible noise freaking rocks
-measure to make sure it fits. Some older dishwashers came in funky sizes, so if you have to cut, plan for it.

-if you have a drop-in now, start planning on cutting. Drop-ins don't exist anymore
-make sure the width of the area is big enough for the new unit. old units are sometimes skinny
-microwave can be same deal

In regards to stainless, expect to pay a premium. I suggest the faux stainless finishes, which tend to look more like a brushed aluminum. The benefits are that you don't get fingerprints and there isn't that premium fee.
Another option is white. I say this because white never goes out of style, easy to match, and generally agreeable.

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