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TurboGT 11-10-2011 08:16 AM

Spare headlights and grill in Portland?
Got my first real paycheck from the new job and got money to burn!!!

However, don't have means of transportation to go without my truck for a few days...

What I'm wanting to do: take my chrome grill, rear bumper, and the headlight inserts into the auto body shop right next to my work, and have them color match them all to the truck (radiant?) red.

I'm wondering if anyone in the portland area has a spare set of headlights lying around that I could "borrow" for a week - don't worry, I'll give ya a security deposit for them :)

I think I can live without the grill, and don't think that driving around for a day or two without a rear bumper will be a problem, but headlights are kinda necessary.

Anyone with means to help?

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