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0uTkAsT 05-16-2012 02:39 AM

Any Oregon TW members in/around Brookings?
I've been in love with that area since I was a little kid and I've been seriously pondering moving out to Brookings sometime in the near future. I'm just curious if anyone lives nearby? I'd know absolutely no one around me if this all did go through, so it would be nice to meet some like minded folks in the area beforehand, or at least know that you're out there. :) I'd also be glad to hear opinions on the area in general, how the job market is, quality of schools and healthcare, if there are any close places to hunt and shoot, other fun things to do, etc.

I've got strong work and family ties in Phoenix but I'm really sick of the desert and the people here, plus most of my good friends have parted ways and moved out of state so I'm thinking now might be my time to do the same. I've already talked to a couple realtors and been looking at a few places online but it never hurts to ask if anyone's got a hook up also! :D

Thanks in advance, hope to talk to you soon.

YFZ450MOE 05-27-2012 05:36 PM

I'm from roseburg about 1.5 hours inland on I-5, love the area! I go back home every chance I get. In roseburg the schools are good and there is always a place to head up in the mountains to wheel and shoot anywhere in OR you go!

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