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ryanbarsuglia 02-24-2013 11:31 AM

98 prerunner for sale 149k miles $5950
Very nice black 1998 Toyota Tacoma extra cab. Clean title 145,000 miles,4 cylinder 2x4. Love this truck, got it to commute to SF now need to tow a trailer.

4 cylinder get great gas mileage but with nice stance of prerunner.
Clean Title
CD player with ipod hook up
Tires have lots of life
Extremely low miles for a Toyota
Custom headache lumber rack built only for a Tacoma-Great for work and looks nice.
Regularly maintained
Toyota bed liner
Very Clean

Cons-(if you have purchased off of Craig list or other internet sites usually the seller never lists the negative thing about the truck so the first time you see it is when you become aware of the flaws-I hate this so im going to list all flaws I know of)

Softball size dent on the front passenger side (pictured)
A couple minor scratches and fading in paint (needs a waxing)
Broken rear window latch (pictured- can buy for $10 from dealer)
Someone tried to break in to the passenger side of truck and shoved the look into the door (pictured)
Mostly minor stuff. Asking $5950

Monster Coma 02-24-2013 11:33 AM

Pics are needed

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