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PacoDeTaco 08-27-2012 07:03 PM

Best Size/Type of Tire
Just got the tuck (2012 Tacoma sr5) what's the best off road/all terrain tire, something that is gonna give me the most lift

Bennett707 08-27-2012 07:05 PM


depends what you want and plan to do.

i suggest doing research in the tire/wheel subsection then ask a question after ~6 hours of head bashing.

Konaborne 08-27-2012 07:07 PM

best offroad and best all terrain are different categories

the biggest tires will get you the most lift, but you cant fit bigger than 265/75r16 without rubbing the shit out of everything (you need a lift to fit bigger tires)

there's more than enough info here on the site to answer your questions, take a look around.

then, if you have more specific questions, let us know!

Leoffensive 08-27-2012 07:09 PM


Airun 08-27-2012 07:13 PM

Cooper Cobras for sure

jmoss13 08-28-2012 09:59 PM

I prefer tall and skinny like 33-10.5 vs. fatter tires like 33-12.5

4Wheelin4Banger 09-03-2012 12:46 AM

255/85/16 BFG KM2s with a 3" lift

krob32 09-03-2012 12:55 AM

Goodyear DuraTrac 265/75/16. No rubbing with size, good look, and capable on all terrain.

tx_shooter 09-16-2012 05:49 AM


Originally Posted by jmoss13 (Post 5605551)
I prefer tall and skinny like 33-10.5 vs. fatter tires like 33-12.5

I agree with that; but I also am really impressed with my 33x12.50 TSLs on 10 rims. They are bad ass tires with just enough size.

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